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Sibyllai 7.5.11. Windows Vista
(1 ZIP, 6 megas)

7.5.9. update
Just copy the .exe file over previous this update fixes a problem with Window Vista

Help file(Windows .hlp, included in Sibylla)
Archivo de ayuda Sibyllai.hlp

Five 1,40 files

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Latest English version is 7.5.7.


 Basic, in case it is corrupted.

Download and unzip in the application directory.


Proyecto Palladium

Escribir en griego en Windows




Sibylla, a tool for typing ancient Greek in Windows

This tool (a keyboard utility) allows you to type ancient Greek under Windows in any Unicode-aware applications: word-processors, databases, e-mail clients, etc. Sibylla provides support for UNICODE fonts, hence you also need a polytonic Unicode font installed on your system. Palatino Linotype comes usually with Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2000 onwards.

Here are the major features of Sibylla:

  • Works at level system, i.e. allows to enter Greek polytonic Unicode text in all Windows applications.
  • Diacritics combine over following vowel.
  • "Sigma" automatically converts to "final sigma"
  • Automatic quotation marks.
  • Breathing marks added automatically in initial vowel or diphthong.
  • AutoCorrection of many common words (51,000 words in the main database and other additional lexicons are available as well).
  • Automatic conversion of regular numbers to Greek numbers
  • Posibility of predeterminating a program or font to use by default running Sibylla.
  • Convertor to Unicode of text written with old Greek formats
    (GreekKeys, Greek, Sgreek etc).

The program has been developed by Jesús Quílez Bielsa and the Palladium Project team.

We would especially like to express our gratitude to  David J. Perry and Donald J. Mastronarde, Professor of Classics for their help in the development of the English version of Sibylla.
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